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About Us

2016 Dates

July 11 - July 15

Session 1:  10am - 12pm

Session 2:   1pm - 3pm 



Presbyterian Nursery School 

(140 Mountain Ave)


Children have an uncanny ability to experience the world with wonder and often articulate that wonder in fascinating ways. Writing allows children to channel that wonder, even build on that wonder, and share it with others.


Inspired by our love of writing and our love of children, we are excited to offer Writers Experience weekly writing groups, Monday-Friday, 10 am - 12 pm for 2nd and 3rd graders and 1 pm - 3 pm for 4th and 5th graders, and 6th grade alumni.


At Writers Experience, WE pride ourselves on recognizing and developing the stories within each child. WE create a fun, supportive, and engaging environment in which writers feel safe to take risks and make sense of their thoughts and ideas.


WE writers learn to be independent, appreciate the writing process, collaborate with other writers, and receive dedicated attention from seasoned teachers.


WE writers leave with a newfound appreciation and confidence in their ability to write because they know they have important things to say, as well as the tools and strategies necessary to develop and share their ideas with others. With their newly acquired skills and confidence WE writers meet academic and social challenges with comfort and success.


In the week-long sessions WE writers experience:


 how writers observe their world

 how writing can help them make sense of their world

 the wonder of everyday things

 the beauty of words

 the art of expression

 different genres of writing

 the writing process (collaborating, drafting, revising, editing)

 a sense of audience and purpose






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