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Sticks vs. Stones
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Sticks or stones? When best friends George and Georgina disagree over which is better, their argument escalates to shouts of "I don't want to be your friend!" "No, I don't want to be your friend!", until two new friends show them a better way. As they argue, George and Georgina build grander and grander structures, resulting in delightfully whimsical depictions of castles and thrones built from sticks and stones. Perfect for kick-starting conversations about considering someone else's point of view, and packed with wonderfully expressive characters and the humorously overblown emotions of a childhood fight, this picture book makes for a laugh-out-loud story time experience.

And I Think About You Cover.jpg

And I Think About You

Written by Rosanne L. Kurstedt and illustrated by Ya-Ling Huang, AND I THINK ABOUT YOU poignantly captures the love and connection shared by a working mama bear and her cub. During the day, they are apart, but they are always thinking of each other. Told with the feel of a letter (or love song) from mama to child, it is just the kind of story I would have loved to snuggle up with with my own kids when they were little. Rosanne’s warm text pairs nicely with Ya-Ling’s dreamy watercolor illustrations. It’s delightful.


12/4-12/6     NJASL

11/5              Chester Book Fair

10/8              Ocean Grove  Harvest Festival

10/7              Watchung Booksellers Storytime

More to come...

Karate Kid 
Book Trailer

A goat kid loves to do karate! And he's sure to inspire young kids to try karate as well. Follow Karate Kid as he goes through the major stances and karate moves, teaching readers to channel focus and build strength through each pose. Karate Kid‘s simple, measured, and meditative text is complemented by playful yet instructive illustrations by Mark Chambers to teach youngsters how to get involved in karate–and to have fun while doing so, too.


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“A nice homage to karate...”


Baby Bookworm

“A fantastic companion or introduction for little readers interested in karate, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!”


First grader from Jack C. Binio Elementary


Holland Elementary Fifth Graders

“I recommend this book for anyone who does martial arts.”

“Yeah. It’s a good book. You don’t even have to do martial arts.”


Michael Whiteley, Hachidan, Owner & head Instructor

Isshinryu Karate Madison and Bernardsville (NJ)


“Karate Kid” by Rosanne Kurstedt is an excellent book for karateka of all ages. Beginners will especially benefit from the terminology and descriptions of the techniques and all levels will appreciate the basic concepts of Karatedo that are presented.


There is a significant difference between “taking karate” and studying karatedo. Karatedo emphasizes courtesy, respect, self-discipline and the relationship of sempai (senior)/kohai (junior), among other things. These are taught in our dojo from day one and touched on in every class. True Karatedo begins and ends with courtesy as symbolized by the bows at the beginning and end of every class. Dr. Kurstedt begins and ends “Karate Kid” in exactly this way.


The next sections of the book explain stances, kicks, strikes and blocks. Within each stance description is a brief mention of the posture. Once again, the order and descriptions are very good and similar to how we teach – dachi (stance) first, kamae (posture/structure) second and waza (technique) third.


  “Karate Kid” is easy for younger students to read and is nicely illustrated. Even though it is geared mostly toward younger students beginning their karate journey Dr. Kurstedt has presented the material in a way that touches on concepts relevant to all students. This is a great addition to our dojo library and I highly recommend it!

Past Events

1/14/20          Main Line Reform Temple Early Childhood Center

12/14/19         Isshinryu Karate of Madison and Bernardsville, NJ

12/9/19           First grade class @PS 108 East Harlem, New York

11/23/19         Signing at NCTE

11/2/19           Boogie Down Books @  Sugar HillCreamery (2 pm)

11/2/19           Boogie Down Books @ Motley Kitchen, South Bronx (10 am)

10/26/19         Easton Book Festival

10/21/19         Hardyston Elementary School, NJ Pre-K–2nd Grade (9:30 am)

10/21/19         Alpine Elementary School, NJ 2nd Grade (2:30 pm)

10/15/19         SKYPE visit, 1st Grade Class  Jack C. Binio Elementary, TX

10/12/19         Bucks County Book Fair

9/28/19           Short Stories Bookshop and Community Hub, Madison, NJ

9/11/19           The Corner Bookstore, New York, NY

9/21/19           Word Bookstore, Jersey City, NJ

9/8/19             Hands of  Life Martial Arts Studio, Garwood NJ

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