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Newmark Learning

ISBN 1478861290

(K-2 book pictured)

The right words at the right time to develop a growth mindset in every child. No need to search for just the right words! Encourage growth mindset with instant access to supportive comments designed to develop resiliency in specific subject areas. Series also includes a helpful parent communication section to encourage growth mindset at home. 

Teaching Writing With Picture Books as Models: Lessons and Strategies For Using the Power of Picture Books to Teach the Elements Of Great Writing in The Upper Grades


ISBN 978-0439135160

Picture books are perfect, mini-models of effective writing! With their sterling language and succinct stories, picture books serve as excellent examples of how literary elements work in narrative writing. Dozens of lessons show how to use them to teach mood, voice, character traits, theme, and other devices. Kids are eager to apply what they've discovered to their own writing, and the results are amazing. Includes lessons from all stages of the writing process for both fiction and memoir writing plus lists of recommended books. For use with Grades 4-8.


ISBN 978-0-325-03753-0

With the same clarity and accessibility as the classic On Solid Ground and Comprehension from the Ground Up, Sharon Taberski shares her latest thinking on how to use a variety of reading, writing, and talking experiences to help young students grow to be fluent readers. 105-minutes of succinct video clips of whole-class lessons, small-group instruction, and one-on-one conferences help teachers see that improving student’s comprehension happens in the course of excellent reading and writing instruction and that strategy instruction should play a supporting role—not a starring role—in children’s reading development.

To help facilitate staff-development sessions, the 64-page facilitator’s guide contains:

  • Session Plans that provide an organizing structure for your work with teachers divided into three parts: Access Knowledge, Develop Knowledge, and Synthesize Knowledge. 

  • Strand Overview handouts highlight key points of the strand and are more detailed than video overviews. 

  • Lesson in Action handouts provide a brief description of the lesson, the lesson focus, and highlight key student reading behaviors and teaching strategies. 

  • Noticing, Thinking, and Wondering handouts focus teachers’ video-viewing experience.

Simplified, Sensible Instruction for the K-3 Reading Workshop


ISBN 978-0-325-04181-0

Simpler, more effective K–3 comprehension instruction for your preservice teachers

College edition includes:

- copy of Comprehension from the Ground Up including CD-ROM of 32 reproducibles and            study guide

- Student's Guide (40pp)

- six month’s access to 120 minutes of classroom instructional video

- PDF of Instructor’s Guide (19pp)


Sharon Taberski shares the how-tos needed to sustain a literacy block that engages children in authentic reading and writing practices including:

- dozens of activities and foundational practices

- grade-appropriate schedules and favorite book lists to fill the school day with rich, engaging     literary practices

- management ideas and sample lessons to teach K–3 reading in a simplified, streamlined way

- innovative tips and suggestions from a master teacher.

It's All About Comprehension: Teaching K-3 Readers from the Ground Up


ISBN 978-0-325-01381-7

Many school districts mistakenly equate strategy instruction with comprehension instruction. They focus too early and too much on the metacognitive strategies, often at the exclusion of other critical aspects of literacy. My goal here is to simplify the way we teach reading and make it more effective Introducing a simple, effective, and integrated approach to teaching comprehension from the renowned reading instruction expert and author Sharon Taberski.Helping children acquire cognitive strategies is only one part of top-notch reading instruction. And on her staff development DVD It’s ALL About ComprehensionSharon Taberski shares her latest thinking on how to re-envision comprehension instruction.

Teaching Reading Middle School Professional Book Bundle

The Teacher Store

ISBN 9780545422802

In this completely revised and updated edition of a best-selling classic, master teacher Laura Robb reflects on how her teaching has evolved over the ten years since the book’s initial publication. Drawing on current research and her most recent classroom experiences with students all over the country, Robb presents abundant new material, including fresh literacy vignettes that showcase lessons and learning experiences. She demonstrates how she has fine tuned her strategy lessons, focusing on helping students become more aware of why they’re doing what they’re doing. She expands her discussion of motivation, differentiation, assessment, classroom management, and more—including a whole new chapter on conferring. Robb’s passion for helping adolescents become lifelong readers radiates throughout the book, and she offers new insights and innovative ideas for working with students at this critical juncture of their literacy lives. Includes a CD with forms, charts, and more.

Developing Comprehension K-2

The Teacher Store

ISBN 9780545333375

This unique bundle addresses a key, comprehensive topic worthy of a teacher book study group or staff development strand. Gives a solid foundation for building students’ beginning reading skills. Includes a 24-page facilitator’s guide for leading practical professional development sessions that help teachers grow with a unique Try it-Teach it-Talk About It learning model. Teacher-friendly PD as only Scholastic can do it. Includes:


• Phonics from A to Z (2nd Edition)

• Teaching for Comprehension in Reading, Grades K–2

• Phonemic Awareness Activities for Early Reading Success

• Perfect Poems With Strategies for Building Fluency: Grades 1–2

• Easy Lessons for Teaching Word Families

• Using Name Walls to Teach Reading and Writing

• Daily Word Ladders: Grades 1–2

• The Fluent Reader (2nd Edition)

• Professional Book Bundle Study Guide: Developing Comprehension K-2

Guided Reading

The Teacher Store

ISBN 9780545317894

What are the hallmarks of an effective lesson? How do you connect guided reading lessons with other small group instruction and independent work? This bundle will help answer common questions and create powerful PD around deepening this practice in K-6 classrooms. Includes a 24-page facilitator’s guide for leading practical professional development sessions that help teachers grow with a unique Try it-Teach it-Talk About It learning model. Teacher-friendly PD as only Scholastic can do it.



• The Next Step in Guided Reading

• Guided Reading: Making It Work

• Guided Reading in Grades 3–6• Teaching for Comprehension in Reading, Grades K–2

• Professional Book Bundle Study Guide: Guided Reading

Improving Comprehension 3-6

The Teacher Store

ISBN 9780545333399

This is a goldmine of resources for staff developers intent on providing teachers with powerful approaches for developing students’ understanding of texts before, during, and after reading in whole class and small groups. Perfect companion for common core standards alignment—resources bring about high level thinking and talk about texts. Includes a 24-page facilitator’s guide for leading practical professional development sessions that help teachers grow with a unique Try it-Teach it-Talk About It learning model. Teacher-friendly PD as only Scholastic can do it.



• Improving Comprehension With Questioning the Author

• Improving Comprehension with Think-Aloud Strategies

• Interactive Comprehension Strategies

• QAR Now

• Guided Reading in Grades 3–6

• Moving Forward with Literature Circles

• Professional Book Bundle Study Guide: Improving Comprehension 3-6

A Reader's Workshop Approach to Test Readiness LEVEL E (STUDENT WORKBOOK LEVEL E)

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