My new book KARATE KID is out with an amazing new Educator's Guide.

Karate Kid Book Trailer

Book Review

“Karate Kid” by Rosanne Kurstedt is an excellent book for karateka of all ages. Beginners will especially benefit from the terminology and descriptions of the techniques and all levels will appreciate the basic concepts of Karatedo that are presented. There is a significant difference between “taking karate” and studying karatedo. Karatedo emphasizes courtesy, respect, self-discipline and the relationship of sempai (senior)/kohai (junior), among other things. These are taught in our dojo from day one and touched on in every class. True Karatedo begins and ends with courtesy as symbolized by the bows at the beginning and end of every class. Dr. Kurstedt begins and ends “Karate Kid” in exactly this way... [read more]